BRODOSPLIT increases efficiency with AVEVA Integrated Shipbuilding

AVEVA Marine™ and AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management™ software combine to increase profitability for Croatian shipyard

Paris, France: AVEVA announced today that Brodosplit, a leading Croatian shipyard, has implemented an AVEVA Integrated Shipbuilding solution. The solution optimises the design of vessels and offshore assets and the procurement, material management and production across the entire shipyard.  The AVEVA solution will help Brodosplit to reduce project time, increase productivity and lower production costs.

‘BrodoSplit’s key objective was to improve the shipyard efficiency and productivity by selecting AVEVA,’ said Robert Pešut, R&D Director, Brodosplit. ‘We underwent a significant market evaluation before selecting AVEVA’s Integrated Shipbuilding solution, which was by far the best in the market. It was encouraging to hear that

AVEVA Marine model view AVEVA’s marine software is used by many of the worlds’ most productive shipyards, which was a major factor in our choice. Combining Integrated Engineering & Design with Enterprise Resource Management enables us to ensure that all key processes have the correct information about materials and resources at the right time throughout the project life cycle.’ 

Shipyards need highly developed capabilities for generating, coordinating and managing a complex mix of information, materials and resources to meet tight delivery and cost requirements’, said Evgeny Fedotov, Senior Vice-President, Global Head of EPC and Marine Sales, AVEVA. ‘AVEVA has the industry’s most comprehensive proposition for shipyards. An Integrated Shipbuilding strategy helps our customers to minimise costs and delivery time, while maximising overall productivity and profitability, providing a measurable competitive advantage for their business.’AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management

Brodosplit will implement the AVEVA Integrated Shipbuilding solution on all new projects. It owns Croatia’s largest shipyard, covering an area of 560 000 square meters.

AVEVA Marine™ is AVEVA’s top-of-the-range portfolio of integrated applications which allow engineers and designers at multiple locations to concurrently create, control and manage change to marine engineering and design data as a project is developed in the most productive and risk-free way. These integrated applications are based on AVEVA’s powerful object-centric technologies and is the most productive engineering and design software available for the marine and offshore industries. See

AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management (AVEVA ERM) is specifically designed to optimise resource management throughout the shipbuilding process. Its process-driven applications enable an integrated approach to material, planning, production and fabrication management. AVEVA ERM complements existing tools, integrating key business processes from early design and engineering through to delivery and commissioning, and thus significantly reduces the risk of errors and costly overruns. See


15 October 2015

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